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Our Product

For Brands/Agencies

Our application uses AI algorithms and data analysis to find the ideal micro influencer for your brand or agency, saving you time and ensuring maximum impact.

For influencers

Join us to get connected with the right brands for successful collaborations. Select from our clients various private/public campaigns the products you love to collaborate on

Start As

For Agencies

Are you are a marketing guru that wants to manage your brands portfolio?

  • Connect agencies with the right influencers from all over the world.
  • Smart AI selects the ideal voice for every brand.
  • Enhance campaigns and perspectives with sentiment analysis. Facilitate both private (specific to select influencers) and public collaborations for brands. Help them shine on a global stage and make every move count!

Register as a

Brand Creators

Are you a free spirit? A road warrior that wants to expand your brand?

  • Find top influencers perfect for your brand worldwide.
  • Use AI for the best match and to understand your audience.
  • Boost efficiency and widen your brand's reach with sentiment analysis. Explore both private collaborations (exclusive to invited influencers) and wide-reaching public ones. Grow globally and see things from a bigger perspective!

Becomce a

For Influencers

Amplify your reach, cash in on global partnerships, and deeply connect with your audience!

  • Boost your earnings with more money-making collaborations.
  • Join global campaigns, both exclusive invites and open opportunities.
  • Understand real audience feelings, not just likes, to enhance your content.

Explore Our Pricing Options

For Influencers


  • Public Campaigns: Access all available public collaborations.

  • Sentiment Analysis: Deep-dive into audience sentiments for every post.

  • Limitless Opportunities: Apply to any number of campaigns.

  • Cross-Platform: Join campaigns across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Threads.

  • Collaborate: Connect and work directly with leading brands/agencies.

For Brands/Agencies

$ 20.99

Per Month

1 month free trial, no engagement

  • Post unlimited campaigns.

  • Access to the entire influencer database.

  • Advanced influencer search with filters across platforms: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Threads.

  • Basic sentiment analysis tools.

  • Cross-Platform : Create campaigns for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Threads.

  • Create both public and private campaigns.

Guide to Using the Platforms?

  • Set Up Your Account:
    • Choose the right profile: Whether you're an agency, brand, or influencer, select the appropriate profile type during registration.
    • Choose a Pricing Plan: Browse through our pricing options and select the plan that best fits your needs.
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Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools, catered to popular platforms, ensuring you reach the right audience and achieve your marketing goals.
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Match Your Brand with the Perfect Micro-Influencer: artificial intelligence Powered Collaborations

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